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Lots of Yarn = New Storage Syetem

March 31st, 2008 (09:47 pm)

Lots of fibery news for you folks. I have a finished project to show you guys! I knit two bibs for my boss. It started as a blanket… which I decided wasn’t worth it. I’d have to knit two for it to be a decent gift (he had twins). I tried hats, then fucked up the decreases and ripped it out. The yarn just kind of waited till I decided what to do with it. I recently bought Mason-Dixon Knitting after seeing at least three patterns I wanted to make out of it. I also love the blog.

I used some Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in a lime green color. Its actually really soft and squishy. I have enough in a grey color to make a top at some point. The pattern is pretty simple and you can figure out how to make it yourself if you’ve been knitting longer than a week. I embroidered their first initial on the lower left hand corner (Quinlan and Connor) with some turquoise Sugar N’ Creme. I’m pretty happy with the finished project.


Yesterday was a TON of fun. I went to the Homespun Yarn Party. A couple of local dyers and spinners set up an event where they could all come together and sell their own products in person (instead of through Etsy or a local yarn shop).

Before going to the party I met up with four girls I had met off of Ravelry. One is the mod of the Karma Yarn Swap group, RetroGradeSonnet (Sam), SophistaKnit (Ayana – a KYS member who I first got close to when I realized she lived nearby), _____ (Eliza – also a KYS member). CorporateMonkey (Shannon – was initially friends with A and Liza). All of which were really awesome girls. I’m hoping to hang out with them again on Saturday when they go to their knit night, Knotty Knitters.

I came away with QUITE the haul. I came away with two skeins of Twilight Sock Yarn from StormMoonKnits, one skein of handspun and a hand dyed roving/drop spindle kit from Woolarina, one skein of ____ (a sock weight yarn, superwash, with 2% real silver included in the yarn… it really sparkles… may turn into a pretty wrap) from Fall Into Ewe, one skein of sock yarn from C*EYE*BER Fibers (looks like a sunset to me but the colorway is awesomely named Papa’s Motorcycle… which I *think* is a colorway the dyer designed specifically for her friend, Insubordaknit who was supposed to vend at the party but had a prior engagement). On the end is a skein of Malabrigo Lace Weight. It might be my favorite yarn purchase yesterday (we went to A Tangled Skein and grabbed some lunch before going to the party which is where I picked up the lace). That or the chunky handspun from Woolarina.

In other news… storage drawers are on sale at Target. Everyone should go buy some. Why? Because this is what your wonderful yarn closet COULD look like:

Everything is in its drawer with a small picture, basically a print screen of my Rav stash page, on the front to show me whats in where. Sooo much nicer than the giant fabric lined basket and yarn shop bags it had been chillin’ in. I tried to organize them all by type, mostly. Sometimes single balls got stuck where they’d fit or if I had no clue what I could pair them with they just got tossed in. I kept the lined basket and its now on the shelf with my books holding all the yarn that belongs with projects I’m working on or projects I hope to start soon. It’s a good system :)

And now, dudes… the yarn diet till Maryland Sheep and Wool begins… Next time expect another finished project or two and some swap package pictures :)

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